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My New Obsession

Thrive Market

I’m currently obsessing over Thrive Market, a lifesaver for the health-conscious busy body with minimal time.  Think of Whole Foods, Amazon, and Sam’s Club/Cost Co all combined into one business concept–the high-quality products of Whole Foods, the online convenience of Amazon, and the wholesale prices of Sam’s Club/Cost Co.  That is Thrive Market–genius, right?

I signed up for the free 30 day trial, but ultimately bought a one-year membership (only $59.95, which is comparable to a Sam’s Club membership) because it is just so, so convenient.  I’ve also saved $203.04 off of retail prices since Thrive offers wholesale prices.  Say what?!

Here are some products I’m loving from Thrive Market:

  1. Thrive Coconut Oil: high quality, healthy fats, and tastes great!
  2. LaraBar Cashew Cookie: delicious and #whole30approved
  3. Equal Exchange Organic Breakfast Blend Ground Coffee: did you know coffee is one of the most heavily polluted products out there?!  I started buying organic once I learned that little tidbit.
  4. Acure Organics Sensitive Facial Cleanser: this cleanser feels so, so soft on your face and is super gentle
  5. Woodstock Organic Medjool Dates: nature’s candy and #whole30approved
  6. Molly’s Suds Laundry Powder: your body absorbs so much of what touches your skin, so we have been making a conscious effort to switch to clean household products

I could go on and on, but those are my top 6.  I’ve already ordered 4 shipments from Thrive, which ultimately means less trips to the grocery store and Target as well as peace of mind knowing the products are both clean and high quality.

Use this link to sign up and give it a try!  Let me know what you think!

Also, I finished my 200 hour yoga teacher training program!!!  It was amazing, and I’m now a certified yoga teacher.  Hit me up in you want a private class.  🙂  More details on my experience coming soon!

If you are starting (or already on) your health and fitness journey, please contact me if you want support or have any questions or concerns!



Small Victories

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot over the last 6 weeks: the body and its ability to heal itself really is an amazing thing.

Today was a major victory for me.  I made it through my first full Pure Barre class since surgery!  Even though it sounds small, this is a really big feat.  Yes, I modified greatly during pretty much every bit of the ab work, but I still made it through.  And that’s what counts.  And my fellow teachers were so supportive afterwards that I actually felt my eyes welling up with tears!

I also want to share something that I am loving at the moment.  My friend and coworker, Brooke, introduced me to the podcast That’s So Retrograde, and I am obsessed.  For a holistic health junkie like myself, it is right up my alley.  I am currently finishing up Part 2 of the show’s interview with Alisa Vitti of Flo Living, and it is SO fascinating.  I’ve followed Alisa for years (she graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition just like me), but these are some of the first podcast interviews I’ve heard with her.  She is a wealth of knowledge, and even thought I already have her book, I’ve still learned so much more from the interviews.

In other news, I started my 200 hour yoga teacher training program through Charleston Power Yoga last weekend.  It was exciting and draining and inspiring and exhausting all at the same time.  Over the past week, I have been trying to digest just how impactful this experience will be for me.  I can’t put it into words quite yet, but I just know that enrolling was the smartest choice.  I needed this.  I’ve thought about doing this program since 2012 when I first emailed the studio owners with an inquiry, and I am so proud of myself for finally taking the plunge.  I’m not sure exactly where this program will take me, but I like the opportunities that it presents.

That’s it.  Enjoy your weekend.

If you are starting (or already on) your health and fitness journey, please contact me if you want support or have any questions or concerns!


What I’m Loving Lately

-Coconut oil in my coffee.  This nutritious food contains tons of healthy fats, plus it tastes great!

-My Goal Digger planner.  I still prefer the old school approach, relying on the tried and true pen & paper trick to get things done.  Also, I am so inspired by company’s founder and badass entrepreneur, Susana Rodriguez.

Easing back into exercise.  After abdominal surgery, it is both humbling and exciting!

Hemp seeds on anything.  Especially sprinkling Manitoba Harvest hemp heart seeds onto my peanut butter topped Ezekiel English muffins.  SO many health benefits!

Personal development.  Right now, I am reading Being of Power by Baron Baptiste with my morning coffee.  One of my resolutions for 2016 is to commit to daily personal development.

Superfood Blend.  I drink this every single day.  Protein, essential amino acids, phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes.  Enough said.

Weddings.  My sister got engaged in December, and it is SO MUCH more fun to help plan a wedding when it isn’t your own!

The bride to be!

The bride to be!

Avocado Toast 101


Lately, I’ve been obsessed with avocado toast.  It is such a simple, delicious, and satisfying thing to prepare for breakfast or lunch.  I used to have an aversion to avocados because they are hard to cut/slice, but they really do become easier to prepare the more you handle them.  Here are some quick tips to make the perfect avocado toast.

It all starts with the avocado. If you are going to eat the avocados right away, get them ripe.  If you aren’t going to use them until the end of the week, get ones that are less ripe.  Sometimes I’ll buy two super ripe ones to use right away and two under ripe ones to save for a few days down the line.  A ripe avocado is a darker green and soft to the touch.  However, don’t get them too soft/squishy–it means they may no longer be good!

Use good bread. I prefer to make mine with either Ezekiel bread or Ezekiel English muffins, which are sprouted grain breads.  Why are they good for you?  Sprouted grains make it easier to absorb minerals and digest your food.  Also, sprouting leads to increased vitamins B and C, as well as antioxidants, in the breads.

Use a fork.  After you peel the avocado, slice it with a knife into many pieces.  Then, when you put it on the bread, be sure to use the back of your fork to mash it down.  This makes all the difference!

Add flavor. I love to drizzle extra virgin olive oil on the toast before applying the avocado.  Then, once the avocado is on, there are so many options!  In addition to the standard pinch of salt and pepper, try paprika, ground cayenne red pepper, or crushed red pepper to heat things up!



Midweek Shopping Pick Me Up

So, lululemon athletica King Street’s weekly newsletter arrived in my inbox this morning, and I am completely obsessed with their new Cardio Kick Tank.  I think I’ll have to stop by the store this weekend to pick it up.

Cardio Kick Tank

Cardio Kick TankAlternate View

And then, Well + Good NYC‘s email arrived.  Of course, they had an article titled, “Here comes spring: 8 must-have workout jackets.”  This Lorna Jane Elevate Jacket is calling my name.

Lesson learned: subscribing to email listservs is dangerous!

Hope everyone makes it through the rest of the week!  xxox